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In Axis & Allies & Zombies, a new take on the iconic World War II strategy board game, each player takes command of one of the major powers, joining either the Axis or the Allies. Players then fight for victory against the opposing faction and a terrifying new foe: zombies!

- Streamlined for quick play, it’s the perfect introduction for new players, while offering a fun and strategic gaming experience for established players.

- Includes an intro scenario providing players with a quick, easy-to-set up prelude. Quick-start rules provided so experienced players can jump right in to the action

- Zombie-specific Research and Development gives you access to new weapons like Chainsaw Tanks and Zombie Mind Control

- Includes an expansion for the Axis & Allies 1942 board game

Designed by award-winning designers, Mike Mearls (Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate, Castle Ravenloft), Scott Van Essen (Magic: The Gathering, Transformers Trading Card Game, Duel Masters Trading Card Game), and Ryan Miller (Magic: The Gathering, Duel Masters Trading Card Game, Kaijudo Trading Card Game)


  • Number of players : 2-5
  • Playing time : 90 - 180 Min.
  • Recommended ages : 12+

Axis & Allies & Zombies (ENG)