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Rien ne symbolise davantage l'implacabilité des Nécrons que le Monolithe. Comme toutes les réalisations nécrons, il est fait de métal vivant, un alliage semi-conscient sophistiqué qui s'écoule et se lisse en un instant pour effacer les dégâts. En conjonction avec ses faces épaisses et lourdement blindées, cela fait du Monolithe un adversaire particulièrement rude pour tout ennemi.

Appuyez la progression implacable de vos Nécrons avec un Monolithe. En plus de fournir un tir de soutien avec ses abraseurs gauss, il peut faire venir des renforts par son portail d'éternité. Les abraseurs gauss peuvent être remplacés par des rayons de mort, et le kit propose aussi plusieurs portails d'éternité au choix.

Ce kit plastique en 123 composants permet d'assembler un Monolithe Nécron. Il est fourni avec socle rond Citadel de 160mm et une tige transparente.




The Necrons are a deathless race of alien androids, rulers of the galaxy in a long-forgotten era. Now, having slumbered in stasis for millennia, they are rising up to conquer it again. Clad in self-repairing bodies of living metal and wielding weapons that harness the most devastating energies of the cosmos, the Necrons are a terrifying enemy. Fearless, relentless, and utterly without mercy, they advance in serried ranks and lay down withering storms of fire fit to annihilate even the mightiest of foes. The hyper-resilient Necron soldiery are supported by murderous specialist units, techno-sorcerous war machines, mindless Canoptek constructs, and shards of shattered star gods. They are led to war by undying nobles wielding weapons of devastating power, driven by the absolute conviction that they are the rightful rulers of the stars. And if the long sleep has reduced many Necrons to mindless monsters, or ravaged their sanity and transformed them into murderous demigods? Such madness only makes them an even greater and more terrible threat.

Codex: Necrons is your essential guide to one of the 41st Millennium's greatest threats – a millennia-old alliance of ancient androids who long ago sacrificed their very essence for greater power. In this book, you'll discover the history of the Necrons, from the very earliest days of the universe, to the War in Heaven, and their awakening, all illustrated with stunning art. Once you've read the lore, you can build your army using a vast suite of rules that bring the Necrons to life, with rules for the dynasties (including ones of your own creation!), datasheets, Stratagems, and much, much more.

This 120-page hardback book contains:
- The history of the Necrons – from their ancient origins to the Era Indomitus
- Stunning art that brings the lore to life
- A showcase of incredibly painted miniatures to inspire your own collection and colour schemes
- Crusade rules that let you develop your Necron army in thrilling narrative campaigns
- Special abilities and bonuses like Command Protocols for your Necron forces
- Datasheets for Necrons units for your reference
- Stratagems, Powers of the C'tan, and more!

Codex: Necrons (FR & ENG)

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