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Arcknight’s Flat Plastic Miniatures are affordable, high quality plastic transparent standees with unique double-sided art and perfect registration. ORCS & GOBLINS HORDE is an expansion on our core line of Flat Plastic Miniatures with an additional 31 pieces that form an Orc and Goblin army. Perfect for any fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. Sometimes you need to fight a LOT of something, but really don’t want to buy multiple sets of a similar product to group together enough enemies. Arcknight’s ‘Horde’ packs are to the rescue! Filled with Orcs and Goblins of all types including frontline orcs, orc elites, chieftain, shamans, enslaved ogres, worg, worgriders, hobgoblins, goblin slaves and more. Each piece is unique, with clusters of similar pieces such as a 6x goblins to make a typical raiding party, and each having different poses and highlights but in a similar style to create visual cues to help track which enemy is which, while remaining a cohesive unit. The unique front and back art on each piece allows for unit facing. Comes with a strip of 8 interchangeable bases that pop easily on and off, so the entire collection packs flat for easy storage and travel to conventions. Now thousands of gorgeous miniatures can be sorted and carried in no more than the size of a shoe box or bead tray. Highly durable; flexible, wet and dry erasable, impervious to spills and gone are the days of breaking off your favorite miniature’s arm. Designed to heroic 28mm scale, pieces are scaled appropriately to stand alongside traditional miniatures and are exceptional for filling out rare or missing pieces from your collection, as a one-shot solution for an entire set, or for children who may damage traditional miniatures. Some assembly is required, and an adult should discard the additional plastic sprue before it is safe for smaller children.

Orcs and Goblins Horde - Arc Knight - Flat Plastic Miniature