One of the best cooperative game of all time, award winning Robinson Crusoe comes back in this new edition from Portal Games. 

Based on the Game of the Year edition released previously in Poland, Germany, Spain and France it brings this amazing game to the whole new level.

In this edition players will find custom wooden pieced for all resources, thick cardboard player boards for each character, additional 7th scenario and what’s most important completely rewritten rulebook based on the precise and well written German version. New edition comes in a square Ticket to Ride size box and with brand new stunning cover art created by industry legend Vincent Dutrait. 

90 Adventure cards (30 each for Building, Gather Resources and Exploration action) 
73 Event cards 
52 Mystery cards (26 Treasures, 13 Monsters, 13 Traps) 
3 Wreckage cards 
1 Friday and 1 Dog card 
12 custom dice 
6 different scenarios 
4 Characters 
16 Beast Cards 
8 Starting Items 
30 Invention cards 
1 card "Arranging the Camp" 
various wooden and plastic cubes 

Players: 1-4 
Ages: 8+ 
Playtime: 60-120 min

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on The Cursed Island (2nd Edition) Portal