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Trogdor is a game of Cooperative Burnination and Majesty!

In the kingdom of Peasantry, the beefy-armed dragon Trogdor the Burninator has one goal: the total destruction of the countryside! 

Players take on the roles of the Keepers of Trogdor, mysterious acolytes of the Burninator who use their unique abilities and items to help Trogdor in his destructive quest. Burninate the countryside and its cottages by flipping them to their flaming side! Chomp peasants for health or fry them for fun!

Do all this while avoiding knights and archers and majesty shall be yours! Er... shall be Trogdor’s... more accurately.


1 wooden Trogdor meeple
7 wooden Peasant meeples
1 removable wooden Flame Helmet for the Peasants
2 wooden Knight meeples
1 wooden Troghammer meeple
1 wooden Archer Twins meeple
3 wooden cottages with flippable burninated side
25 double-sided thick cardboard terrain tiles
1 thick cardboard Trog-meter
1 deck of 36 casino quality, blackjack-sized Trogdeck cards
1 deck of 45 casino quality, blackjack-sized movement cards
9 tarot-sized Keepers of Trogdor cards
9 tarot-sized Magical Item cards
Instruction booklet

Trogdor - The Board Game

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