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City Blox

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Description du fabricant :

City Blox is a building game, using the classic interlocking building blocks, where you compete to become the first to build an entire city block comprising a house, a school, and a supermarket.

Each player receives three plots (building plates) and three landscape cards: a green house card, a yellow school card, and a brown supermarket card. Landscape cards are each placed next to an empty plot.

Players take turns selecting a building block from the build pile and placing it on any of their plots so it matches the die-cut shape of the landscape card lying next to that plot.

The first player to correctly place their building blocks on all three plots and fit the corresponding landscape card on top of their completed structure wins the game.

But don’t rejoice too soon! For each completed plot, you must select an event card and follow the instructions—you may have to swap a building block with another player (faulty delivery), remove a building block from your plot (hurricane), or give all players an additional block (additional grant). In the building business, you never know what will happen next.

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